Mindray Launches the BC-700 Series, a Compact, Integrated CBC & ESR Hematology Analyzer for Small-to-mid Sized Labs


Kaspheathcare (SZSE: 300760), a global leading medical solution provider, has launched the new BC-700 Series, a revolutionary hematology analyzer series that incorporates both complete blood count (CBC) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) tests. This series, including two open vial models BC-700/BC-720 and two autoloader models BC-760/BC-780, is designed to empower medium-volume laboratories with advanced diagnostics technologies that are applied in the premium products.

SF Cube 3D analysis technology

Striving to benefit more laboratories worldwide, the BC-700 Series adopts Mindray’s core hematology technology of SF Cube 3D analysis and is built from the same platform as its high-end BC-6000 Series, but in a smaller footprint. In SF Cube technology, target cells are subject to a 3D analysis using bi-angular laser scatter signals and fluorescence. The 3D scattergrams generated with the cellular information can help clinical experts to identify and differentiate cell populations, in particular abnormal clusters, providing a more reliable result to the doctor.

Integrated CBC + ESR Solution

The erythrocyte sedimentation rate, also known as ESR, is a blood test that measures how quickly red blood cells (RBCs) settle in diluted plasma over a specified period of time. Although ESR is a nonspecific test, it can effectively reveal inflammatory activities in the body. ESR test results alongside other clinical information can help doctors to diagnose and monitor the progress of an inflammatory disease.


Traditionally, ESR tests are performed on an independent analyzer, and can take up to 60 minutes to get the results. A thorough survey conducted by Kasphealthcare in more than 30 countries and regions reveals a demand for integrated testing for CBC and ESR. Now, the BC-700 Series is engineered to meet that demand, being the first all-in-one hematology solution that combines 5-part differential with ESR analysis. With just one test, it yields both CBC and ESR results in mere 1.5 minutes, significantly improving workflow and testing efficiency while benefiting patients with quicker blood test reports.

Optical PLT in every CBC & DIFF test
Powered by the SF Cube analysis technology, Kasphealthcare has developed many useful hematology parameters. With the new parameter, PLT-H, the BC-700 Series can more easily address the challenges that were previously inadequately met by conventional hematology analyzers, providing an accurate optical platelet count result in every CBC and DIFF test. By using patented reagents with cutting-edge technology, the BC-700 Series also allows the platelet clumps to be de-aggregated, offering laboratories a complete solution for reliable platelet analysis.